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Enhance your workflow efficiency with rapid tube identification

author2017-03-28 authorposted by Raquel,

Tecan is helping to reduce waiting times for bulk sample identification with an innovative high speed barcode scanner for its Fluent® Laboratory Automation Solution. The new Fluent ID* module eliminates the need to watch and wait while your liquid handling platform scans and identifies each individual sample tube, allowing 32 barcoded samples to be loaded and identified in just three seconds.


The Fluent ID scanner is fitted with a status indicator light offering a clear pass/fail notification as soon as the tube rack is loaded onto the worktable. If one or more barcodes is unreadable, the system’s graphical interface provides step-by-step instructions to quickly and easily resolve any issues, either by rescanning the barcodes or manually inputting the tube IDs. The user can then simply press ‘Start’ and walk away, confident that there will be no tube identification errors. For larger sample batches, the system can even start pipetting the first rack of samples while additional tubes are being loaded onto the system.


This easy-to-use solution supports all major 1D barcode formats, and is compatible with 10-16 mm diameter tubes, as well as microcentrifuge tubes, as standard. By combining rapid and extremely reliable scanning with instant feedback and error handling, Fluent ID can save several days of technician time annually compared to traditional automated approaches, helping to streamline busy laboratory workflows.  


To learn more, visit www.tecan.com/fluentid


*  For research use only. Not for use in clinical diagnostics. Fluent is a Class 2 Laser Product when equipped with Fluent ID option.