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Reserve your spot to see the next generation of in vivo multi-modal imaging

author2017-05-11 authorposted by Caroline,

FUJIFILM VisualSonics Inc. is launching the Vevo LAZR-X system, the world’s only customizable imaging platform that combines ultra high frequency ultrasound and photoacoustics, at an exclusive event held at its Amsterdam headquarters. The event, on May 30th/31st, will give attendees the chance to learn more about this ground-breaking in vivo multi-modal imaging system, and hear from key researchers who have first-hand experience of the system’s capabilities.


Offering a fusion of anatomical, functional and molecular data, the Vevo LAZR-X has been designed to allow non-invasive, real-time, longitudinal studies for a variety of translational research applications, including full-body imaging, oncology, molecular biology, cardiology and neurobiology, biomarkers and nanoparticle analysis.


This all-in-one imaging platform features superior image resolution – down to 30 microns – and puts more data at the users’ fingertips, with an array of software applications that allow researchers to conduct in-depth analysis and rapid quantification. The new Vevo LAZR-X combines the latest ultrasound capabilities and the advanced laser technology with streamlined data management, an intuitive touchscreen interface, and a unique open imaging environment that allows the researcher to access and manipulate the subject animal during the scanning process.


To reserve your spot at this exclusive event, please visit: